Patrick is a photographer living in the small town of Welcome, NC. Patrick works feature large format paper negatives, direct positive paper and 4x5 film negative images as well as medium format film work.  With these processes Patrick creates unique original one of a kind images (small works), limited edition and open edition works. Patrick enjoys working in paper positives and negatives for the unique qualities and to create images that are fascinating to look deep into. Currently Patrick is working more in 4x5 and medium format film negatives as well as digital using Fuji X series cameras creating striking yet simple compositions for black and white images.

     Patrick was born in Meriden Connecticut and grew up in Norwich,CT. He gained his first interest in photography from his father William who would process images in a darkened basement. Patrick first started making his own images while studying Industrial Technology at Central Connecticut State University. Prior to graduation Patrick secured his first regular paying photography job with the New Britain Herald newspaper. Working as a photojournalist at a local newspapers opened the door to working for other papers and eventually  he found himself in the town of his birth as a photojournalist for the Meriden Record Journal.

     Tiring of Connecticut winters Patrick moved to South Florida. A friend asked "what will you do there?" Not knowing how to answer the response was "Sit in the Everglades and make photos" It took a few  months but Patrick secured employment with the South Florida Water Management District, a large environmental agency. At times he ended up sitting in the Everglades making photos. Much of Patrick's work at this time was photographing projects related to environmental restoration in the Everglades, Kissimmee River Basin and coastal environments of Florida. This continued for nearly sixteen years and Patrick's environmental images have been and continue to be published around the world.

Patrick is again working on his own photography and once more has time for his fist love, Black And White.


Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with a photo need.